Monday, 17 April 2017

Magic Jack Go Review

Being the latest version from the VolP provider, magic jack go provides low cost voice over internet protocol. Magic jack go has superior sound quality, facilitates computer less calling and helps to reduce your phone bills significantly. This product provides quality services that meets the expectations of current customers. It has also retained the best features of its predecessors.

Pros of using the magic go

· It is affordable

Magic jack go is one of the most affordable VolP phone services in the industry today. When you buy this product, you will be able to enjoy free service and once the offer has ended, you can visit the company’s website and buy more at a very affordable price. Unlike other providers that charge high price, magic jack go only charges $5 for monthly subscription. This cost includes unlimited access to long distance calls in the United States and Canada. Under normal circumstance, unlimited VolP usually cost around $15 without a contract. That just shows how affordable magic jack go is. You will get even better offer if you choose long term subscription. For instance, if you choose a 5 year plan, you will pay $120 meaning that you will be paying $2 a month. The truth is that magic jack go price is a very affordable and you cannot find in any other VolP provider.

· Free services upon purchase

Although the upfront price of magic jack go is quite high when you compare it with that of their competitors, there are several services that you will get to enjoy for months upon purchase of this adapter. Free services varies depending on the plan that you choose magic jack go review. For instance, if you choose magic jack plus, you will get to enjoy fee service of a period of six months. On the other hand, if you magic jack go plan, you will get to enjoy fee VolP phone call service for a period of one year. Once the fee service offer has elapsed, you can buy a package of our choice at a very affordable price. If you want to enjoy fee bonus, magic jack go is the best option for you.

· Unlimited conference calling

Upon purchase of magic jack go, you will be given a free call number. This is very important and beneficial especially for people who use magic jack as their main business telephone provider. This number not only help you to stay connected but it also allow you to add as many participants as you wish to the call. You will actually not have a limit to make a call or add participants to the call and you won’t be charged an extra cost for that. If you want to learn more about Magic Jack the company, check out this voip service review.