What Is MagicJack GO?

Launched in 2014 by magicJack VocalTec Ltd., MagicJackGO is a low cost and affordable voice service that has worked as replacement of landline home phone services. It works with the Internet to enable unlimited local and long distance phone calls to both mobile phones and landline phones. It comes with a single MagicJackGO number that can be used on both landline or on mobile smartphones phones such as iPhones and Android devices.

MagicJackGO was designed to appeal to the changing telecommunication technology and the growth in use of mobile phones. It has made it possible to carry your house telephone number with you wherever you go. What Is MagicJack GO? How does it do this? You may wonder. Well, I will tell you how. A free MagicJackGO mobile companion app was developed and it enables you to set your home phone to ring at the same time on your mobile phone. What this means is that you can be out of the house and yet be able to receive phone calls made to your home phone. It offers cheap calling options as one can use the same number for home, office and on their mobile phones. The mobile app is available both on iTunes and on Google play.

Another feature that makes MagicJackGO a choice for many is that users are connected to any landline or mobile subscriber worldwide. The call quality is crystal clear as compared to normal landline services. The quality is the same whether it is a local or international call; all you need to ensure is a high speed internet service. While other providers charge a monthly subscription rate, MagicJackGO users enjoy low cost annual subscription fee and are able to save money and ensure unlimited services. They are able to keep their existing phone number too. You can connect to MagicJackGO in any way you want. You can use your home phone, mobile phone, tablet or even your computer. The connection options are as unlimited as their services.

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